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Our Team

Learning It Together would not be possible without our wonderful Executive Team, as well as our Assistant Team Leaders and Team Leaders. Each one of our members has a special connection to children which has compelled them to dedicate their time and efforts into this club, allowing it operate smoothly!

Diba Chowdhury_head shot.jpg

Diba Chowdhury

Program Director

"I joined LiT during my second year at Western University. I was intrigued by LiT's mission statement and wanted to participate in a mentorship program that encourages young students to learn more about literacy, numeracy, and healthy living skills. During my first year at LiT, I soon realized the positive impact general volunteers can have on their buddies which motivated me to continue volunteering with this wonderful program!"

Image - Hamzah Algodi_edited_edited.jpg

Hamzah Algodi

Program Director

Joined LiT during his 1st Year (2020), wanted to join a club and volunteer, and mentorship sounded like a lot of fun!

IMG_9418 - Faith Hedges.HEIC

Faith Hedges

Schools and Housing Liaison

"I joined LiT last year. I wanted to give back to the London community and the younger generation. The mission and values of LiT align with my own passions for literacy and health promotion. It has been a rewarding experience to be involved with LiT."

IMG_8122 - Ashmitha.jpg

Ashmitha Umaharan

Events Coordinator

"I joined LiT in my first year of University as a volunteer because I wanted to get involved in the London community. I absolutely love working with kids and I found that the program has positively impacted many children especially during the pandemic. Working with them is always a highlight of my week!"

99883CF7-9131-4811-9693-860BF9E0678B - Victoria_edited.jpg

Victoria Li

Financial Coordinator

"I joined LiT as a volunteer in my first year at Western University because I enjoy working with children and becoming a mentor who they can rely on. Moreover, LiT was the perfect opportunity for me to give back to the community through a program that supports children’s education and well-being. Afterwards, I was fortunate enough to have become an ATL and TL in my second and third year."

IMG_7661 - Kristie Leung_edited.jpg

Kristie Leung

Social Media and Communications Coordinator

"I joined LiT in my second year because I saw the poster in one of my classes. I wanted to give back to the London community and love working with children, so LiT seemed like the perfect opportunity. With this being my forth year with LiT, I have witnessed the impact this program has made, which motivated me to continue being part of this team."

Janey Lao FB photo.jpeg

Janey Lao

Program Evaluator

"I joined in first year! I joined because I remember having reading buddies in elementary school and this program reminded me of that! Also, my first year was online so i thought this would be a unique way to connect with my fellow peers as well as give back to the community!"

IMG_0216 - Meghan Harvie.jpg

Meghan Harvie

Program Coordinator

"I joined LiT in my third year of my undergrad because I love learning and working with kids. I have always been interested in pursuing teaching and came across LiT when looking for volunteer opportunities in the London community. I truly believe in LiT's mission of promoting literacy, numeracy, and healthy living and it has been such a fun and fulfilling experience to be a part of the program the last few years."

Sara photo.jpeg

Sara El-Richani

Program Coordinator

"I joined LiT in my second year as a volunteer. I joined because I saw LiT as a great opportunity to interact and connect with children in a positive and open learning environment. After joining, I realized the extent to which LiT had an impact on the buddy's day-to-day life and in the London community."

Emily photo_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Emily Dietrich

Volunteer Coordinator

"I joined LiT in my 2nd year at Western (I got to do some on-site programming before COVID hit!) and have been participating ever since, either as a general volunteer or a TL. I love working with young kids and helping them build their confidence with their reading, writing and numeracy skills."

IMG_5673 - Jenna Del Balso.heic

Jenna Del Balso

Volunteer Coordinator

"I joined LiT in my second year at Western as a general volunteer. I joined because I have always had a passion for working with children and thought it was the perfect way for me to get more involved in and give back to both the Western and London communities."

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