Our Team

Learning It Together would not be possible without our wonderful Executive Team, as well as our Assistant Team Leaders and Team Leaders. Each one of our members has a special connection to children which has compelled them to dedicate their time and efforts into this club, allowing it operate smoothly!


Rachel Baran

Program Director

"I joined LiT in my 1st year at Western as a volunteer at Marconi Housing Community. I joined because throughout High School I was involved in an after school program for kids and I absolutely loved the experience and how much fun I always had with the kids. LiT became more than just a club to me, it is a community of like-minded students who want to promote healthy living and make a positive impact on kids across London"

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Maya Stuart

Program Director

"I joined LiT in my second year of university as a volunteer at Princess Elizabeth Public School. After learning about LiT’s mission and impact in the London community, I immediately knew I wanted to be involved. I love interacting with children through play and helping them build lasting skills to live a healthy and happy life. I am very grateful to be remain a part of such an amazing team!"

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Julia Sottosanti

School and Housing Liason

"I joined LiT in my second year as a general volunteer. I was drawn to this program because of the opportunity it provided to actually work one on one with children in the London community. As someone who worked with youth in my hometown throughout my entire high school career, LiT enabled me to build this sense of community I was missing both on Western's campus and in the city of London."

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Emily Zhang

Events Coordinator

"I joined LIT in second year because I was looking for an opportunity to give back to the London community in a way that made me feel good! Working with children really brightened my day and I got to meet a bunch of new people at Western from working with LIT."

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Hamzah Algodi

Financial Coordinator

"I joined LiT last year to be more involved in the community and help mentor the younger generation."

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Meghan Harvie

Communications Coordinator

"I joined LiT last year because I enjoy learning and reading and wanted to share those passions with young students. I came across the program while looking for volunteer opportunities and really loved the mission behind LiT. I thought it was awesome that this club not only promotes literacy and numeracy, but also overall healthy habits. My goal is to pursue Teachers’ College after my undergrad and LiT has given me great experience with kids in an academic setting. My time with this club has only made me want to become a teacher even more!"

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Diba Chowdhury

Program Evaluator

"I joined LiT during my second year at UWO. I joined this program because I have always been passionate about the health and well-being of the younger generations and I also wanted to meet others with the same passion so that we can make a difference together!"

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Saranya Bahirathan

Program Coordinator

"I joined LIT during my second year, as I was looking for ways to get more involved within Western and the London community. As someone who loves to work with kids, I was immediately drawn to volunteer with LIT and I really resonated with the program’s mission to promote literacy, numeracy, and healthy living. I have always had a great experience with the program ever since and I enjoy getting to interact with the kids and make a positive impact in their lives!

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Valerie Swanston

Program Coordinator

"I joined LiT in my second year as a volunteer. I've always loved working with kids so I knew it would be a great opportunity to connect with kids in the London community!"

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Stephanie Vettese

Volunteer Coordinator

"I joined LiT in my second year at Western! I have always loved working with kids and helping them achieve their potential so I was thrilled when I came across this program"

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Julia Yates

Volunteer Coordinator

"I joined LiT in my second year at Western to gain experience working with children and to make a difference in the London community. Since then, I have come to love and appreciate countless aspects of LiT that you could never imagine until being involved with the program"

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Kristie Leung

Social Media Coordinator

"I joined LiT in my second year because I wanted to give back to the London community. I also love working with children so LiT was the perfect opportunity. Being involved with the program allowed me to witness firsthand the impact it has, and I have really grown to love and appreciate being part of this amazing team"

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Debbie Duroshola

Web Designer

"I was a part of LiT last year and I joined because I believe that it is important for children to have a strong foundation in STEM, numeracy, literacy, and healthy living. Being a part of their growth both academically and personally was a great experience and I learned just as much as I taught."