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Is LiT Affiliated with Western University?

Yes! LiT is affiliated with Western University Faculty of Health Science. All members of LiT are undergraduate or masters students. 

How can I register my child in LiT?

When child registration is open, all relevant forms can be found on the “Registration and Info” page. 

I am a parent/guardian and can’t find the right resources to help my child follow along during their weekly sessions. What can I do? 

All of our resources can be found on the “Activities” page, organized by week. The weekly activities consist of guided readings and crafts, healthy snack recipes, and a downloadable program guide that contains all the worksheets used in the virtual sessions. Prior to the LiT’s start, we will send each participating household a bundle of materials, free of charge, that contains everything you will need to follow along in the virtual sessions (except for basic craft materials like scissors). 

What is LiT’s application/screening process for volunteers?

All LiT volunteers are Western Universi​ty Students and they are required to submit a vulnerable sector (police) check before participating in LiT. 

How do you tailor weekly volunteer sessions to children of different ages, learning styles, and interests?

All children who participate in LiT are paired with a university mentor who guides weekly virtual sessions and individualizes the program to the child. Volunteers are trained and encouraged to change the programming as they see fit and given the resources to do so. For instance, all activities in the weekly programming have a “level-up” and a “level-down” option. LiT understands that every child learns differently and we always welcome ideas to allow everyone to thrive and have fun! 

What do the weekly volunteer sessions consist of? 

Each weekly session consists of a 45-60 minute Zoom call with a university mentor who offers 1-to-1 mentorship and programming focused on early numeracy, literacy, mathematics, and healthy-living skills. Children explore a different theme with their mentor every week (e.g.“Oh Canada, “Holidays Around the World, “All About Science”) and engage in fun readings, worksheets, games, and more. For more information regarding the weekly schedule, please see the information sheet on the “Registration & Info” page. 

My child can be shy around people they don’t know. How will my child’s university mentor ensure my child feels comfortable during the session?

Every volunteer goes through several hours of training where they learn skills and tips for drawing children out of their shells while respecting their boundaries. Our volunteers are trained to encourage your child to go at their own pace! Additionally, if you have any tips for your child’s buddy, they would welcome any suggestions to help your child have the best experience.

Do I need to pay for my child to participate in LiT?

Not all at! LiT is a free health promotion program for children in grades one to three. We provide one-on-one mentorship and all materials can be provided to you also free of charge (except for basic craft materials like scissors).

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